Love is Real & Love never Fails. By J & S

It’s Time To Embrace Your Inner Power

Are you tired of looking for ‘The One’ outside of yourself ? Its time look within Now.

You are the One, the chosen One, by your Ultimate lover GOD.

Follow your Soul Guidance, I followed mine…

I am Sephalika. I have been a student of Jeff and Shaleia for years & now a Certified Twin Flame Ascension Coach with Twin Flames Universe. I am here to support you in your journey and share my teachings with you.

Its time to create your Heaven On Earth.

Make your choice now, because your choices are powerful.

You are always one step away from a completely different life and its always starts with a  choice.

My core life purpose is Ascension, to ascend towards One Divine Consciousness, which is possible through dissolving the layers of separation consciousness between you and GOD. It helps in moving towards your unlimited perfect divine abundance & Harmonious Union with God and build the Heaven on Earth.

Love is Real & Love never Fails. By J & S.

I am here to support you in your journey.

I know your pain.

Aware of your pain areas. 

I know you are lost!!

Because I was there once too till I found my way back home by the teachings of Union with Twin Flames Universe.

Yes it is Real.

Your Journey is Real too.

It is possible to attain Peace which is within you and move towards your Harmonious Twin Flame Union right here in Earth in this Life time.

I am here to help you in this journey.

Together we will move towards the Super Consciousness by healing each layer of the blocks & Embrace the Inner Power.


Twin Flame Ascension Healing with Sephalika..

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4 Session Package ($222)

Twin Flame Ascension Group Healing

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Monday 5PM IST/Wednesday 3 PM IST/Friday 7 PM IST ($55 every 4 weeks)

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Tuesday 5PM IST/Thursday 3 PM IST/Saturday 7 PM IST ($55 every 4 weeks)

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